You have 150,000, do not buy Vacheron Constantin do buy Rolex?

See enough of the following price of 10W minor? It to watch, 15W level of the top brands between the watch, is how the Competition. In general, the price of the replica watches uk, not wearing gold is wearing a drill, each one is a visual feast. ○ Vacheron Constantin TRADITIONNELLE series 82172 / 000R-9382 mechanical male watch Like Vacheron Constantin this watch from the 10W + jump, and now it is not surprising. This zombie uses a noble gorgeous 18K 5N pink gold to create the case. 5N means 18K gold in the highest amount of copper alloy material. Because with the gold, the proportion of silver and copper level, can produce five different colors of the material, respectively, to N that the level of copper, copper content is higher, K gold color is more red. Watch dial is very simple, too concubine instructions time, 6 o'clock position of the small seconds clear and rounded. 12 o'clock Maltese cross mark is particularly eye-catching. However, under the simple dial but contains a very extraordinary inner core. Watch carrying Vacheron Constantin 4400AS manual winding mechanical movement, the movement thickness of only 2.80mm, you can pass through the end of the watch back, the super-class movement grinding process panoramic view, the plywood marked on the Geneva mark, enough to explain this machine The core is excellent quality. ○ Vacheron Constantin 45150 / B01A-9745 mechanical male watch It is a very famous sports series watch. This watch is equipped with zombie production of 1137 automatic mechanical movement, with a column wheel timing device, equipped with 12 hours and 30 minutes timer, 6 o'clock position set a small second dial. 12 o'clock large calendar window shows Vacheron Constantin extraordinary watchmaking level. The ultimate blue dial to let everyone love at first sight, the watch engraved with the famous Amerigo Vespucci ding sailing pattern. The bezel design uses the inspiration from the brand's cross logo, Vacheron Constantin specially made soft iron inner shell, to ensure that the watch even in the 25,000 A / m high-intensity magnetic field is also unaffected, clasp will Malta cross points Half, when you put the watch in his hand, the cross logo will be combined into one, strict fit, super watch the strength can be seen. ▼ Blancpain BlancPain VILLERET Series 6651-3642-55B Mechanical Men's Watch Although the brand name of JB has been ridiculed for several decades, but did not affect the Blancpain in the mainland market hot, one of the proof is Blancpain's VILLERET series on the list. This simple three-pin-style Blancpain uses 18K red gold to create the case, the typical double bezel design allows you to easily recognize its family. Watch with Blancpain Classic 1151-type self-winding ultra-thin movement, the movement thickness of only 3.37mm, or more than the first section of Vacheron Constantin lost a lost. But it is equipped with a double barrel and Glucydur no calorie hairspring balance wheel, so have up to 100 hours of power reserve effect. ▼ Jaegerie JAEGER LECOULTRE Master control series Q1362501 mechanical male watch Jaeger-LeCoultre is also very scary ah! This section of the ultra-thin master of the use of 18K rose gold to create a sleek case, but also in the case inlaid with a full 80 bright diamonds, a total weight of about 0.57 karats. Egg shell yellow disk and the case of hue harmony, 6 o'clock position is the calendar window and moon phase window, for the watch has added a trace of mysterious and elegant atmosphere, although there are gold drill, but looked at nothing rustle. Watch with self-produced production of 925 movement, as one of the four major manufacturers, it is no need to worry about the degree of reliability, 28,800 times the hour of high vibration frequency watch to keep a high degree of precision travel time. Although it covers the calendar and exquisite moon phase function, but Jaeger-LeCoultre still watch the thickness of the control in the 9.8 mm, wearing no pressure. ▼ Panerai Panerai Luminor Marina Series PAM00511 mechanical male watch This watch has the Panerai traditional super-large head, and the large crown bridge, and the use of 5Npt red gold to build, so sold more than 100,000 prices are not surprising, after all, people used so much gold The Panerai 5N red gold is different from the standard red gold, after special modulation, with a higher strength of physical resistance, which means more durable. Watch equipped with Panerai self-produced P.5000-type manual mechanical movement, the whole movement is almost a piece of corundum mill with chamfering mattress completely covered, only exposed vibration per hour 21,600 times the inertia of the balance wheel The Movement with long eight days of power, energy is connected by two connected hairspring barrel, and the same as durable men. ▼ IWC Portuguese series IW500113 mechanical male watch Came to the price of 15W, the watch is not inlaid with gold is a diamond, this million in Portugal is no exception. This watch has a 5N red gold to create a 42.3 mm diameter perfect case, with a balanced dial design, embedded Arabic numerals, rail-type minutes and slender rose gold leaf pointer, small seconds and dynamic display The disc was symmetrical distribution in the central axis on both sides, the perfect heritage of Portugal, founded in the 1930s legendary watch family of classic charm. Million this watch, called internal and external. Watch the world's gold medal movement - 51011-type self-winding mechanical movement, which uses a number of countries proud of the unique design, such as highly efficient Bialon automatic winding system and 7-day power reserve, Pendulum decorated with 18K gold badge hardware, enough to highlight its different. Movement quality clearance, the use of Breguet gossamer and Glucydur® * beryllium alloy balance wheel, swing cycle can be equipped with high-precision adjustment of the balance wheel cam gear adjustment, it is no wonder that senior players are so fascinated by it. ▼ Chopard Chopard Happy Diamonds Series 205691-1001 Quartz Watch High-end price Chopard especially by the ladies favorite, but this time, finally able to see Chopin's most classic housekeeping for the Happy Diamonds series of watches. This watch is the most glaring is its dazzling array of diamonds, watch the use of a classic dual case design, the appearance of the shell inlaid with 44 diamonds, the case is neatly arranged on the 30 pieces of the same material top diamond. The crafty case contains two pieces of sapphire crystal glass, Chopard legendary Smart Diamond in this magnificent transparent stage happy roundabout.