Do not take the unusual way of Rolex, express the way and the way the night is also cool!

2013 fake watches launched this blue circle GMT Master II in the watch sector caused no small stir. Old Deng has two views: one is the two-color circle GMT Master II since 2007 after a comprehensive facelift has been no see, this time to come back, and the use of the past has not been a blue-black combination, watch fans are naturally overjoyed; Second, the reason why the two-color circle disappeared because GMT Master II imported ceramic bezel across the board, and ceramic materials in the past are considered only possible monochrome molding, so once someone made a two-color ceramic products, the entire watchmaking industry It is undoubtedly a major technological development. "Aspect One: Breakthrough of Ceramic Ring Technology" 2013 Rolex did not give this time to explain this technology, so the outside world on how they made this color circle of a lot of speculation, until the next year they are overweight the introduction of the white K gold section of the classic red and blue peculiar circle, This is a detailed description of the production method. In short, Rolex's two-color circle is made by way of dyeing, they first make the whole circle of red rough embryo, and then to make the blue half of the circle soak the special solvent, and then a heating, which When the bubble over the solvent that half circle will be red to blue, which produced a single component there are two colors of special effects (the official introduction is for the year launched the red and blue ring style, blue and black circle, then it should be Will be half of the blue circle of black). "Aspect 2: Blue Black and the connection between the two places" Blue and black circles just out of the crowd to a hi, on the one hand but inevitably disappointed why it is not red and blue circle, when Rolex's words are if you want to through the two colors to represent the day and night, then "blue / black" is actually closer to us On the "day / night" impression, so that is also reasonable, but now there are many people think that in fact because the red ceramic is too hard to burn, Rolex can not do it. Now in time to review Rolex in 2013 when it should have made red and blue circle, and these two groups may also be developed at the same time, even red and blue with earlier also unknown, but perhaps they set up at the beginning To a new generation of red and blue circle made of high-priced, so first out of the blue and black circle, and the market is looking forward to more expensive red and blue circle postponed. On the historical significance of the classic status of the Pepsi circle is naturally irreplaceable, but on the watch on the blue circle of the good-looking level is absolutely not lost in it, if still someone can not see this point, then pray that the next Rolex will launch Steel version of the red and black circle it. "Aspect 3: Blue GMT Pointer" This time the two time indicators are the value of the watch in the function, because before 1983 GMT Master I time pointer can not be adjusted separately, only through the rotating bezel to correctly display the second time, although not As for the operation is not convenient, but the design is still relatively spring. As for the GMT Master II two time indicators than the predecessors naturally more intimate, and even in fact its bezel even if it can not turn does not affect the adjustment or reading, but since the design of a rotating bezel, also represents it up Able to show the three time, is a practical function of the depth of evolution. GMT Master II's two-color bezel has always been a major selling point of the watch, put on the ceramic ring is not only not easy to fade, scratch, behind the production technology also shows the progress of Rolex technology level, think of Rolex and ceramic-related technology Are through the new GMT Master II to do the show, do not know how to see friends, whether to buy it?