Rolex and SUPREME cooperation watch FUCK EM details of the evaluation

As if this article on the lost here for replica watches uk a long time, to update some of the high imitation of the article on it, another day to draw a time to write a technical stickers (photos have been shot, but some time ago has been too busy, did not write) , First of all the old rules, I would like to talk about this article about the idea, I intend to pass two special edition of the high imitation watch (although the "special edition", but also a team for the original Rolex made the appropriate changes (The "special edition") is Rolex's FUCK EM and HNTER to tell you friends of my blog, about the genuine change to "a fake" thing. Small catalog One, SUPREME special edition Second, Pro Hunter modified goods Third, summary First of all, this is what we call "SUPREME" special section. This is the basis of this watch is a street tide brand (SUPREME) mainly sell (T-shirts, backpacks, pockets, belts, etc.) and so on some things to celebrate its 50th anniversary, in 2013 and Rolex cooperation, made 20 Only this special No Date SUBMARINER genuine price is $ 50,000, the same thing is not no other business to do, while doing these things business, will not be the so-called "luxury" class companies, mostly Is a fast consumer, or a civilian consumer goods business, for example, I know there are Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mobil oil. As well as our protagonist Superme today In any case this type of watch is very small holdings, willing to buy this watch buyers believe that must be Superme loyal fans. I was so sure of the authentic, only in the Stadium Goods website to see once, and then a few days later was bought. The imitation of the Superme, it is in the 2016 latest SUBMARINER No Date on the basis of re-order and back cover and a copy of the Superme. In the details of the 2016 models followed the imitation ROLX SUBMARINER all the details and improvements, no doubt this is like Superme brand fans of the best choice. But because only 20 genuine, although this is a very good SUBMARINER No Date special edition, but whether you are spending $ 50,000 to buy genuine or imitation is no doubt "a fake." As the disk said "FUCK EM" (to his) ... ... ... ... the meaning of expression, we make up their own brain ^ _ ^ Second, Pro Hunter produced modified goods Pro Hunter is one of the first to make the original watch to modify, in addition to Mastermind, and Project x Designs such as the design company, Pro Hunter is relatively old conversion team, they are engaged in modified genuine time, Than I entered the high imitation watch industry, even earlier, at least when I was in the market, the market has already installed ETA 2836-2 movement of the Rolex GMT II appeared, here I really lacklable, but in the later understanding , I think that now more professional conversion team should be from the UK Project x Designs, interested friends can go about their mother about their site, take a look at their work, or very good, very pictures of the film Rods, modified Rolex in addition to the needle, PVD watch body, gold-plated, so as to achieve a unique watch and no other functional improvements, and the price will become very high, and sometimes even before the modified watch Of the ten times, but at the same time, in the second-hand recycling, this watch is often very few people will buy it. So this is a full play of the game, and this watch in the normal life is also difficult to see, the only time I saw the real Rolex modified items are seen in the Instagram, we are interested can be over the wall To search and search. This Pro Hunter Rolex GMT-Master II, the earliest appearance of the first in 2008, (when Genuine GMT-Master II, has not used SuperLume material luminous) and the imitation of the emergence is in 2009, is the highest version of the time Of the generic GMT-Master II PVD case and strap to complete, through the PVD technology can significantly reduce the steel processing itself will appear when the small flaws, such as stomata and rough, so this watch at first glance, Feel more than any open man's imitation GMT-Master II, more refined, even more than the original GMT-Master II even more sophisticated.